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Word-Jumper 2 *yay*

2009-03-08 14:01:30 by jenno1

From today on I'll be informing you with infos and screenshots of my new movie WordJumper 2 which will be the sequel to WordJumper!

finished: ~60 %

EDIT: I got a new User-Image and header, too.
In wordjumper style :D

EDIT [03/18/09] :
WJ2 will be interactiv at one or two parts:
Here is an example of how it may look like

Word-Jumper 2 *yay*


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2009-03-09 13:49:51

Looking forward to it.

jenno1 responds:

thanks. kinda motivating^^


2009-03-09 14:01:27

Great! I loved the first part!!

jenno1 responds:

Happy you liked it^^


2009-03-11 19:18:56

So the outcast wordjumper will probably fight against the trained one to rule...a purple background?
It's almost a plot worth of an action movie, you just have to add sex.

Nice idea anyway

jenno1 responds:

maybe i will...


2009-03-18 06:15:00

looking foward to it as the other one was brilliant also thank you for the post on my animation i'm glad some people like it

jenno1 responds:

what was it again?


2009-03-18 09:28:17

iT'S gonna suck so hard..

jenno1 responds:

stfu, man


2009-03-20 14:11:44

It better be cool, otherwise all these people will be mighty disappointed.

jenno1 responds:

it will be :D
Also why so mean?!
I didnt do a bad thing to you!


2009-04-28 20:45:34

Can't wait to see the next Word Jumper.


2010-07-10 09:05:08

god damn, that ur flash got fucked up <.<
anyway, love ur work :'D

*no homo* ;)


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